Alignment is key

High-resolution, angle-resolved cathodoluminescence (ARCL) requires each pixel in the projected image to directly relate back to an emission direction. Misalignment(s) in the optical system can easily destroy the pixel-direction relationship unless you use the specially-designed transfer optics of the Monarc™ Pro detector.

To learn more about the alignment of the Monarc, please click here.

The alignment of the optical system remains critical. With the Monarc Pro, the system simplifies this process using an automated alignment algorithm combined with the largest field of view in the x-y plane and z-axis.  Here an angle-resolved spectrum image with a field of view in excess of 10,000 µm2 is shown, more than 400x larger than with other systems.

Transformation into polar coordinates

The software stores information about where the projected image last fell on the camera and uses this to perform the transformation of the raw images into polar coordinates. In rare cases (such as exchange of the collection mirror), it may be necessary to update the software with a new image location. To do this, open the CL Spectrum Setup from the Setup icon in the CL palette, then select Show to see the ARCL or WARCL Bounding box for the appropriate data. Reposition the region of interest so that the projected image falls precisely within the bounding box and click Save.